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Nitere Version 1 Released

Earlier today Binary Sprite released our first game, Nitere. Nitere is now available at our storefront.  A single $1.99 usd purchase will allow you to download DRM free copies of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux .  Nitere will also

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Nitere Beta Released

On the 6th of April 2014, we finally reached the beta milestone.  The game is now functionally complete with all the significant features of the final release in place (if not completely bug free).  As has been the case with

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Announcing Nitere Public Alpha 4

Another Sunday, another update to the Nitere public alpha.  Version 4 is out featuring our handy dandy music system, more sound effects and save games!  Now you can browse away from the page, come back and just continue your game

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Announcing Nitere Public Alpha 3

After showing the game at a demo day on Sunday, the third alpha of Nitere is up on our site and available to play.  This features the main menu in its final form (but still missing a number of options),

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Going to GCAP

From Sunday 19th October 2013 to Wednesday 23rd October 2013 I will be at GCAP.  I will have the AVCon build of Roll Hack Loot with me if anyone wishes to see it running in a touch environment.  I had

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