Nitere Beta Released

On the 6th of April 2014, we finally reached the beta milestone.  The game is now functionally complete with all the significant features of the final release in place (if not completely bug free).  As has been the case with previous versions, we are putting the beta on our website for people to test.

This version includes some analytics under the hood to give us some information on how the game is being played.  This is completely anonymous (not even IP address is recorded) and the only things tracked are option settings, play time, how many turns a game lasts and what the score was.

New features in this release:

  • Customisable colours
  • Customisable board size
  • Switch the user interface for left or right handed play
  • A complete tutorial (finally)
  • The ability to continue your game between sessions

We hope you give the game a try.  Nitere will continue to be available to play free on our website until the game is ready for launch.  After launch, it will be available on the iOS and Android app stores and playable through a web portal (yet to be determined).

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