A strategic colour matching puzzle game

Players must direct beams of light around an increasingly chaotic board. Each game piece placed by the player will increase the risk… and the potential reward.

To control the beams of light the player is given a variety of game pieces. While some will help bring order to the board, others will increase the chaos. The player must consider which to use to maximise their score.

With ‘just one more turn’ game-play, Nitere is a unique puzzle experience for Windows and Macintosh computers along with iOS and Android Tablets



  • Start with just one emitter and an inventory of pieces to manipulate coloured light beams
  • Difficulty increases as points are gained and more emitters appear on the board each turn
  • No timer, no stress – challenge yourself to last the most turns possible and maximise your score
  • A variety of pieces and randomly spawning power-ups
  • Highly customisable – change the colour range and hue, grid size and background to suit your preferences
  • Interactive tutorial

Patch Notes (1.0.0)

  • Release!
  • By default the game starts with a grid size of 8 and four colours. You can change these settings in the options menu.